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Key Actions

  • zero:e park - Zero emission settlement in Hannover
    • Opis:

      A unique and advanced project started in Hannover. One of the biggest and most innovative, zero emission, climate protection developments for around 300 terraced, semi-detached and detached low-energy houses is under construction. The remaining CO2 emissions for the heating requirements and household electricity required will be covered by renewable energies. As well as being energy neutral, the area will provide a very high quality of life with attractive and generous-sized green spaces and an exemplary water concept. After its Expo development at Kronsberg, Hannover is once again setting standards in climate and environmental protection with its ′zero:e park am Hirtenbach′ construction project.

    • Key Action:1
    • Jezik:en
    • Sektori: others
    • Vremenski okvir za provedbu:2008-2020
    • Mrežna stranica: www.zero-e-park.de
  • Energy Efficient Retrofitting Concerto/act2
    • Opis:

      As part of the act2 project, a total of 52 buildings in Hannover (with 398 dwelling units and around 24,000 m² of living space) underwent energy efficiency refurbishment and three municipal school buildings with together 8.532 m² have been energetically retrofitted. With an insulation thickness of 14-16 cm for the outer walls and 20 cm for the top-floor ceilings, the statutory requirements for new buildings were either met or exceeded. To complement these insulation measures, conversion to environmentally friendly heating systems (pellet heating and district heating from biomass) took place. The consumption data analysed indicate heat energy savings that, at 50-65 per cent, are far higher than those for buildings refurbished in the usual way. It proved possible to reduce consumption from more than 250 kWh/m²a down to 70-100 kWh/m²a.

    • Key Action:1
    • Jezik:en
    • Sektori: residential buildings
    • Vremenski okvir za provedbu:2006-2020
    • Smanjenje CO₂ :3850
    • Proizvedena obnovljiva energija:8
    • Trošak provedbe:5800000
    • Mrežna stranica: http://www.concert-act2.eu
  • - PV campaign- Climate Alliance Hannover 2020 (stakeholder involvement)
    • Opis:

      Hannover catches the sunThe city of Hanover started a solar campaign which was launched to significantly increase the share of renewable energies in the city. The goal is to install one million square metres of solar modules by 2020. This is quite a challenge because it means increasing the area seventeen fold. A solar atlas was published on the internet. All home owners will be able to look and see whether their homes within the city’s boundaries are suitable for a solar system. Investors can also draw on further support offerings free solar checks or the support of a photovoltaic pilot financed by the proKlima fund. The project is co-financed by Intelligent Energy Europe (IEE) in the frame of the Leadership for Energy Action and Planning (LEAP) project.

    • Key Action:1
    • Jezik:en
    • Sektori: others
    • Vremenski okvir za provedbu:2001-2020
    • Trošak provedbe:500000
    • Mrežna stranica: http://www.solaratlas-hannover.de