• 29 Jan 2019

    New guidelines on the development of integrated energy and mobility plans

    Energy production-consumption and mobility are two interconnected elements that have an important role to play in the European socio-economic urban development. The energy (SECAP) and mobility (SUMP) plans which are therefore adopted by local authorities are pivotal to the achievement of EU sustainability targets. However, the sectoral designation of these plans has proven inefficient to deliver long-term solutions.

    The SIMPLA Project has, therefore, created a set of guidelines which bring together energy and mobility planning. Local authorities in six SIMPLA national focal points are going to implement the step by step methodology provided for in these guidelines, with the aim to develop harmonised energy and mobility plans.

    The process of harmonising SUMPs and SECAPs includes five different steps. In the first part, the initiation process is explained, while in the second, all the planning activities are specified, such as the initial assessment, the involvement of stakeholders and the creation of the work plan. The third step consists of the actual implementation of the harmonization activities, such as the sharing of common datasets, vision and monitoring timeframe between SUMP and SECAP plans. Finally, the guidelines indicate the way to assess progress of the harmonisation process as well as the way to update and continue it.

    The SIMPLA guidelines can be consulted at this link.

    For more information, please visit http://www.simpla-project.eu/en/